The Foundation
of Technological Development
and Children Intelligence

Yayasan Pengembang Teknologi dan Intelegensi Anak (YPTIA)

"create the wider future"


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We exist and are present in the community looking forward to share the love with the children and families in Indonesia to support the children growth process includes psychological needs, nutrition, integrated education from early childhood through higher education. We are present in the community and to serve the people who have the expectation and objective of meeting the basic rights of children in Indonesia.




Our main programs are now much more on the optimization of development of the child with special needs, technical support, strengthening the ability of children, to campaign about children's issues in Indonesia to resolve the problem of millions.

We were incorporated in the coordinating institution known as “The Technological Development and Children Intelligence Foundation” / “Yayasan Pengembang Teknologi dan Intelegensi Anak” (YPTIA). The foundation was established as a charitable organization that aims to support development in Indonesia particularly to prepare and enrich the next generation’s abilities since birth, while growing and up to prepareing the sovereignty and ability of children in the future within global competition, especially the children with special needs.

Since 2015 the foundation has grown by developing social-oriented institutions and continue to consistently focus on its role as a foundation that really cares about education, especially of children from an early age and children with special needs in the national development in Indonesia. As a social business institution in Indonesia, YPTIA cooperating partners and contributors in providing inclusive education from an early age that prepare the tough next generation with global perspective and deep roots in the culture. Nowaday,  children who become our target students are majority the Indonesian nation. This collaboration is in line with our aspiration to deliver intellectual future generation by  having the character of the noble nation with global insights that are ready to lead the transformation in building the nation and impacted the global community.


Through one of YPTIA programs, through educational institutions Maxkidz, Forming the students from an early age to be prepared to be tough individuals who have professional expertise, global insight, spirit of leadership, responsive and dynamic, independent and collaborative that able to compete in the global society. Maxkidz Academy provide students with educational surrogate character and distinctive competencies that are important in the future, such as skills in solving problems and able to think critically, communicative, collaborative and ability to master the technology and media.

YPTIA in his work has developed educational programs through institutions Maxkidz, Many positive impacts are felt by people and families, especially families with children with special needs. Maxkidz optimizing the ability of the special children in accordance wit the dominant  intelligence (Multiple Intellegences) to strengthen the ability of social skill. By optimizing the intelligence of children from an early age , which is expected to be the provision of children’s sovereignty in the future to be one of the valuable investment for children’s future in the global competition. For that YPTIA trying to build the direction of  social transformation that will inspire all parties to join hands in order to move ahead with bringing the nation better generation.



Transformation of YPTIA

Since 2008, Mr. Rudi Wibowo was an activist who cares about the world of children, then established YPTIA with many people's perceived his role has been experienced by society through conducting research on integrated education ideal pattern to support child optimal growth earlier. Basic research that later became the embryo grows and develops at the focus of the four main pillars: technological development of early childhood education, building a family awareness, instill the entrepreneurial spirit from an early age, health, and psychological insights in the development of the child.

Over time, Mr. Rudi Wibowo constantly supported by his friends to campaign the movement of optimizing the important role of family in child development and character formation earlier in order to create next-generation with high competitiveness in the midst of a global society that the issue was still largely ignored by many families by the time. The whole team, together really tirelessly support each other happily and present in the midst of society. The team has been educating families and train children from an early age with specific skills-based Multiple Intelligences which are important for the future. Other than that, they held various training events, which entirely free for the teachers of early children education and elementary to optimize self-ability in managing and teaching the students by environmental use and technology that still claimed very exclusive by people through seminars, workshop, and other assisting program.


In 2015 YPTIA a license for establishing a foundation was officially issued by decree KEMENHUMHAM REPUBLIK INDONESIA AHU-0017293.AH.01.04.Tahun 2015 and made YPTIA increasingly focused on the vision, mission and reach a wider support in reaching steps in the movement on instill public and family awareness.

With integrated family education, a number of changes have helped to reach more children around, in order to optimize the expertise in particular fields earlier and  maximizing intelligence dominance. And when children are expected to present later in the global community, they will be able to become professionals or entrepreneurs according to their potential superiority. And now, we have created a superior alumni community in building a successful global environment.


Board of Management

Yayasan Pengembang Teknologi dan Intelegensi Anak (YPTIA) / The Technological Development and Children Intelligence Foundation. Officially established: 2015. Notary Deed: No. 06 tanggal 08/10/2015, Umi Palupi, SH No. C1838.HT.03.01 Th.2002. SK Kemetrian Hukum dan HAM RI No. AHU-0017293.AH.01.04. Tahun 2015. Board of management:

  • Governing Board: BOEDI SOEWARNO
  • Supervisory Board: DEBORA RUBIYATI

  • Chairman: RUDI WIBOWO
  • Treasurer: SANDRA FERANNI



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Email: care@yptia.org


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