The Foundation
of Technological Development
and Children Intelligence

Yayasan Pengembang Teknologi dan Intelegensi Anak (YPTIA)

"create the wider future"


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YPTIA continues to work to defend the rights of children especially those with special needs, and to help them fulfill their potential, from early childhood to adolescence. And we continue to fight never give up. Let's help us fight for them.




Making children as part of the next generation that is smart in managing resources to maintain the sustainability of the earth's future.


  • Building sustainable environmental awareness in children through integrated education programs so that they are able to produce optimal future human resources for the earth.
  • Establishing an integrated educational institutions which accommodate and maximize the multiple intelligence of children from an early age, especially for children with special needs.
  • Established a research and development center that accommodates intelligence technology and child development so that it can help people get to share data and information that accommodate a variety of important purposes and benefits to children from an early age.
  • Actively organize various educational programs such as workshops, competitions, exhibitions, seminars, talk shows and such as the effort to build awareness among parents in educating the nation's children to be more competitive - responsive in dealing with global challenges in the future.
  • Continue to maximize the development of the quality and quantity of resources, systems, technologies, value of products, expansion of the network, a professional attitude, concern, honesty, and continue to invite the society to open up and develop insight into child care.




Children with a good environment, good nutritional needs, the right support and affection from family will be able to help the growth and development of children's intelligence to be more optimal. With good intelligence, the children will be able to create chances of their own better future.

YPTIA cooperates with various parties and moves together to fight for community-based special care or mentoring programs. Where the children can connect directly with our volunteer team and can also to get a good education without being disturbed by their special physical or mental condition.

We would like to invite volunteers who care about children, especially with children who have special needs, to help them recognize their needs that exist, so that they will have better lives in the future. If you have a big heart and want to help them, you can support our program through donations or can join directly as volunteers which can connect directly with children who really need special attention.

Become a Volunteer

Joining as a volunteer, you can directly participate in social programs with us.



Children Caring Program

What does YPTIA do for children in Indonesia? Join us to make a direct impact on the lives of children for the future of the world and the life in them for the better. Let's support YPTIA nation children caring program:

  • Establish an integrated cost / free inclusive schools for children who are economically unable.
  • Establish a center for integrated health care, nutrition, psychological and mental assistance for a mother to be, families, mothers and children.
  • Establish free education and training center for teachers, parents community, a group of volunteers who are willing to dedicate themselves to children with special needs at an early age.
  • Establish a research and development laboratory of the child growth that can be a source of accurate and relevant databases and sources for public information.
  • Establish entrepreneurship incubation center set up for children at an early age.


Let's speak up and invite together: The main role of parents for children from an early age. The importance role of community in supporting the world of children. The importance role of government in policices so that it’s more usefull for children!

Let us together directly support children in Indonesia:

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Your donation is needed for the hopes and future of children who need it.
Let's invite your friends to play a role in helping them.

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