Maxkidz Academy

The Foundation
of Technological Development
and Children Intelligence

Yayasan Pengembang Teknologi dan Intelegensi Anak (YPTIA)
"create the wider future"



Children are the future of the world, We will leave our unfinished task to our children... because they have a lot of dreams and hopes.

By our help through affection, education and safety environment, hopefully it will help them to reach their dreams and hopes which it will bring us to become the better world in their hands.

Do not revile them, nor the offended, do not let them despair... because they like another clean sheet of paper...

Let's fill them with love, lived with a sense of caring, build knowledge, build motivation among millions of their dreams... Also useful for them for the next generation.


#YPTIA4Kids #WeLoveChildren


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Let us together directly support children in Indonesia:

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Your donation is needed for the hopes and future of children who need it.
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We take care of children's growth and development with a heartWe teach according to psychological needsWe accompany the happiness of childrenWe accompany the happiness of children

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Joining as a volunteer, you can directly participate in social programs with us.

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