The Foundation
of Technological Development
and Children Intelligence

Yayasan Pengembang Teknologi dan Intelegensi Anak (YPTIA)

"create the wider future"

Children Need Your Hand



Let us become together to support directly children in Indonesia. Let us together directly support children in Indonesia. Children in Indonesia need your help now. Please donate what you can today:

Donate now. Your donation is needed for the hopes and future of children who need it. Let's invite your friends to play a role in helping them.

Your support on our movements can greatly help many children and other families in need. Please send an email in advance or contact our hotline and you can make an appointment to speak directly to our team.


Share your donation in our bank account on behalf of:
Yayasan Pengembang Teknologi dan Intelegensi Anak (YPTIA)

Donate through "Bank Mandiri" account
(bank SWIFT code: BMRIIDJA)


The link above is specifically for online transfers
between Bank Mandiri accounts.
You can still make transfers to our account
through another bank account if that is easier for you.
Please send Email to: donate@yptia.org
Thank you for supporting our program

Become a Volunteer

Joining as a volunteer, you can directly participate in social programs with us.

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